Who We Are & What We Do

1776 Consulting is a full-service political e-Commerce agency. Unlike most political store companies, we have learned something from past campaigns. 

Ifix itf you are skeptical of selling campaign merchandise because of the debacle that was the McCain and Romney Presidential stores, we understand entirely. Political stores are unlike anything in the private sector. Does the Birdogs store have to deal with FEC required disclosures? Nope. 

ComputerAs such, the "friend of the candidate" who says "they are good with computers" is probably not the best bet to handle building out your store. Just sayin'...

We have taken the lessons of past campaigns and applied modern eCommerce and logistics techniques to make campaign stores not only painless but profitable. 

We can talk for days about how we are different, or we can just show you first hand. If you want to see us in action, place a sample order. Don't worry, it is free, and we give you a fake credit card. Let us show you how political stores should work.

See Us In Action

Product Sourcing

From bumper stickers and tire gauges to hats and guacamole bowls, campaigns have sold it all. It is impossible to know what the election will throw at a candidate. From Marco Rubio selling water bottles to a PAC selling bricks for the wall, surprises are around every corner. 

Made in AmericaWhen you have a crazy, middle of the night idea, we are here to help. If we can't create your product in-house, we have trusted partners who can get it done quickly. Most importantly, we can have it Made-in-America. It isn't easy to have a custom molded coffee mug created in the USA, but we know how to do it. 

Store Development

If you are going to sell campaign merchandise, you either need a store or just want your existing donation pages to trigger a product order, we can help.

Shopify Partners1776 Consulting is a Shopify Partner and can develop a fully-customized storefront for your candidate. Shopify powers more than 600,000 businesses including brands like RedBull and even the official Trump Campaign store.

Their platform is robust & secure enough to handle anything you or your opposition can throw at it. 

Shopify & 1776 Consulting incorporate industry-leading security features into every store, so you and your donors/customers are always protected. We & Shopify guarantee peace of mind with:

  • 256-bit SSL certificates for every store
  • Level-1 PCI compliant
  • 99.98% uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring by 1776 and Shopify. If your store goes down, we know within 25 seconds.
  • DNS & DDoS Protection available at no additional cost
  • Two-step verification standard on all stores

Beyond the high-level security offered, we can also sell your products on so much more than just an online storefront. We can quickly launch your products on:

  • Facebook & Facebook Messenger
  • Pinterest
  • Amazon & Amazon Prime
  • Your existing email platform. We even integrate with Paramount.

Did we mention that we can also work deploy tablets to your campaign events and fulfill orders on our end?

Rocket ComputerYes, you can even sell swag at an event, and we will ship it to the user. No more managing boxes and boxes of merchandise and then not having a 2XL for that committed supporter. That is the worst feeling, right?

If it is so painful, why do you make that same mistake every single campaign? Try something new.

Are you sold on a campaign store, but worried if it will integrate with your systems/be compliant? We've got this.

We know you have unique, non-optional requirements. Here are some of the needs you may/will have, we are pros at handling them all.


  • Donor occupation & employer fields at checkout
  • Send all donor info to your compliance team automatically
  • Email alerts for large purchases
  • Additional donation options at checkout
  • Paid for disclaimers
If you have a unique request or want something experimental, we can handle that as well.

Product Fulfillment

Getting merchandise to your donors shouldn't be a hassle, yet it always seems to turn out that way. 

Does this sound like you?

You have this great product idea. You write up an email and they sell like wildfire.
When it comes time to fulfill the orders, it becomes way more complicated than you thought it would be. Donors are calling for refunds because they didn't get their order and for the orders that you have sent out, you have no idea where they are or when they will arrive.
Beyond all of that, shipping is WAY more expensive than you originally planned for. 

ShippingWe've heard this all too often. Ten years ago, selling products was easy. All you had to do was get the donor their product, eventually. It is 2018 and we live in the Amazon world. Donors expect to know exactly where their package is and exactly when it will arrive. 

The days of shipping products a month after they are paid for are long gone. 1776 Consulting has a very strict rule in place for orders shipped out. If we ship an order, it is shipped with a tracking number. No exceptions. 

What does order tracking from 1776 Consulting look like? Glad you asked. 

When we ship any merchandise for you, donors receive a link to a custom branded tracking page. There, they can see their order's location and also reach out to you (ie 1776 Consulting) for customer service. Don't worry, we handle the  "where is my yard sign?" questions. 

Still, have questions? Take a look at a sample tracking page. 

Customer Service

Customer ServiceDealing with angry donors is no fun. People are more than happy to give you money as a donation and expect nothing in return. Yet when they buy something, they expect their order to arrive within a few days. Sadly, they aren't very understanding. You have better things to do like knocking doors and dealing with that crazy supporter who does a ton, but has a few sprinkles of crazy. 

1776 Consulting deals with all of the customer service for you. From the angry phone calls to the Facebook messages to the emails, we handle it.

Side note: there are much fewer angry donors when they know the status of their order. 

Still, aren't convinced, make a sample order from this store. It doesn't cost you anything and you will see first hand what an order from us looks like. 

Our Guarantee

If you question if this is too good to be true. Is 1776 just another pop-up shop that will take my money then leave me holding the bag? Logical question.

We guarantee our work 100%. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we will fix it or make it right. No questions asked. 100% on our dollar.

Just read our guarantee. We take this seriously.

If you'd to see if you and 1776 Consulting would be a good fit, shoot us a message below and we will be in touch.