What is 1776 Ads?

1776 Ads is a revolutionary type of ad network. With the changing nature of the paid advertising realm, we have developed a network where everyone wins. 

Our ads are simple. We run display banners on a CPA (Cost Per Action) basis.

If you are running hat ads and sell no hats, you pay nothing. If you are selling mugs for a $2 CPA, and are offering $2 for every mug sold, the email list owner takes $1.80 (90%) and 1776 Ads takes $0.20 (10%). 

It is simple, the way ads are supposed to be. 

Results based 

Advertising is designed to produce a desired result. If the ad network does not produce results, you shouldn't have to pay. At least that is what we think.

You only pay when you achieve results, and you only pay on profits. We have designed this network so that no one loses money. Period.


Closed network

Email banner advertising has been contaminated, destroyed, by "questionable" advertisers. We get it, everyone wants/needs to run ads; however, do you really want to run toe-nail fungus ads on your political newsletter? 


Clear metrics

We use clear and easy to understand terms with this ad network. If SpaceX can digest a geostationary orbital launch into a 30 minute live stream, we can digest a revenue share based ad network into language that doesn't requre a PHD to understand.


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