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We are 1776 Consulting

We are a new type of digital and media agency. Just as every state in our nation is unique, so is every client. As such, every plan for every client is different. Is it more work? Yes. Is it worth it? Most definitely.

Our society is looking down the barrel of the most significant hurdles it has ever faced, and we are committed to being part of the solutions to these major problems. We partner with principled leaders and committed activists who have solutions and want to fix it.

What we do

Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful force or your worst enemy. Don't risk having your opposition turn you into a bad meme. We are on the cutting edge of what the internet is discussing. Organic advertising is a new field which puts your content in front of your targets, bypassing adblockers.

Web Design

It's 2017. If you don't have a professional website, your reputation will suffer. We know what people want on a website, and what they don't. Between our staff and strategic partnerships, you will have the site you need, for a price you can afford.

Political Strategy

Our team has experience guiding everyone from coroner to Presidential campaigns, from US House to the state house. With the 24-hour news cycle, you can't afford to miss any opportunities. The dynamic political atmosphere required an everchanging perspective. We have that.


Anyone can run ads, but not everyone can run them well. If data aren't used properly, or KPIs are not pre-defined, you will spend a pile of money and get nothing in return. We know the networks where people will see your ads...and where they won't.

Public Affairs

Dealing with the press is no small feat. We have the experience to make sure the press tells the story you want, when you want it. If you don't think an outside point-of-view is necessary, ask Equifax, United Airlines, Uber, BP, & VW.

Crisis Abatement

If you didn't heed our advice about Public Affairs, you may be in a crisis right now. We can help. Think of us like a real-life Olivia Pope. We will work with the media & digital influencers to fix your mistake(s). Sending a press release won't fix problems in 2017.

You Want to change the world?

We can help

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We are different

When a challenge arises, we don't assume that it is like that campaign we ran 5 years ago. We assess the situation and develop a custom plan. Our clients are not templates; they shouldn't be treated as such.

How good are we?

Social Media
Web Design
Political Strategy
Public Affairs
Crisis Abatement

Why choose 1776 consulting?

We know social

Social media isn't just posting your press releases on Twitter or your campaign commercial on Facebook. Anyone who says that should be fired. We have the skills and knowhow to construct and spread your message in such a way that it has the best ability to go viral. If you don't have a strategy for Reddit, meme warfare, or dark social, we can help you.

We think differently

2016 was when most of America realized that campaigns are changing. If you keep running the same plays from 2010, 2016, or 1998, your message will be lost, and you will lose. We learned from 2012 and 2016, unlike most consultants.

We know our limits

The strength of a great leader is shown when they admit they can't do something. If we can't do something in-house, we have a team of partners we can go to for help. We aren't going to take your money and deliver an inferior product. If we can't meet your goals, we will tell you up front.

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